Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Jacob Zuma

The ANC's Mangaung conference draws near, so we take a look at ANC and national President Jacob ZumaThe ANC leader may also have to face strong contention for his position in the party, and he and his family turned to his ancestors ahead of the party’s conference in Mangaung in December, with reports saying 12 cows were slaughtered at the village to appease the ancestors.
Although other leaders of the ANC were not in attendance, Zuma was garbed in a leopard skin and raised his spear and shield as he danced for his ancestors. The shield and spear were weapons for Zuma to protect himself against his opponents in the party.
Residents and members of the family were bussed in to join the festivities, partaking in traditional beer and meat cooked on a fire.
Near the end of the ceremony, police and security were told to kick the media out, and it was reported that a journalist for The Mercury was manhandled off the premises after Zuma’s son Edward asked them, “Who invited you? Who told you to come here?”
Although President Jacob Zuma and Gwede Mantashe are unopposed in the ANC KwaZulu-Natal’s selection for ANC leadership, it is expected that current Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe might present some competition at the policy conference.'s journey through history to become the most powerful person in South Africa.

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Right Wing Resistance South Africa said...

This baboon try to please his dead ancestors but fuck the living people of this country,even as a president behave like a savage from the dark ages what joke.He must rather try to stop the barbarians killing the whites and try to run a country.