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“We invaded the whites schools, hospitals, chruches, and all their facilities. We are training thousands of soldiers in other countries with white South Africans’ money. We are part of the countries Government. It will be a matter of time, then we will be ruling the Government.

We are going to Nationalise everything and we are going to take everything away from the whites. We’ve smashed the white murale. We invaded their white townships, we can buy their houses, flats, we can hire their house by the hundreds and that will help us with our final task now that we are staying between the whites.

This letter is meant for the Domestic Servants and garden boys, some of them will definitely get the letter and those that don’t get the letter will hear the other whisper. Your weapon will be fence wire the thick one double folded at the one end and sharpened on a stone the other end when your weapon is finished it should be 10 inches long. The wire you can got in any yard it will cost you nothing. Signs will be given to our Blacks when to be used.

Plenty of Farmers are being murdered every week. The action is to be taken in Towns and small holdings, when parents are at work or when you are with the white children alone use the weapon from the shoulderbone to the Heart or from the Bottom to the Heart. This method can be used for the elderly people too. You can hide your weapon easily.

Rape all white women and kill them. We the blacks are rejected, but junior De Klerk lives with a black woman and she is the only one that can satisfied him. Why has the white President a key to a Private department. Who has the other key to the Private department? Have a lot of patient, wait for the signal.”

35 000 of these forms are send out the last few months.

This topic has been published so many times- and White Nation already reported on the issue- but still the white genocide in South-Africa continuous unchecked. This is proof that the ANC terrorist organization is full-swing busy -not only instigating- but also training young terrorists in wiping out the farming community. …whole families, women, children and old people. This fact has already been high-lighted by various prominent spokes people- so much that the farm murders are now being discussed in various parliaments and the European Union itself. Yet- yet the ANC is playing their hideous “cloak and dagger” game and use the deceiving power of “flat denial“- cooking the farm murder stats, laughing it off as “just another crime”- and are very much ignorant of many a plea to actually do something about the white genocide. The ANC- in their very deranged minds- did something about it- training MORE black murderers on white taxpayers cost- and plan to start yet another “Boeremag” pseudo campaign to incarcerate more whites. The question is- WHEN WILL THE INTERNATIONAL WORLD START TO WAKE UP FROM THEIR APATHETIC SLUMBER? Unfortunately for the international world- it is not the “racist” Boers that are getting murdered alone- many British, American, European and Australasian visitors and residents are been murdered as well. These dregs of hell do not pause to ask your identity document- your pale skin is reason enough to eradicate your footprints from African soil. When are we going to hear that famous “Free the Boer” hysteric yelping from the liberals as they did with Mandela? When will the world stop their double standards and start to sanction this unholy ANC terror campaigns? When will the world stop subsidizing the white genocide in South-Africa? When will the world stop kissing the communist demon in South-Africa?

The most horrifying piece in this horror puzzle is that it is WHITES from abroad that sits behind the genocide of their kinsmen down South-using and financing the black terror machine to eradicate the Boer nation in SA!!! When are we going to hear the white populace abroad starting to raise their voices against the gross human atrocities from the ANC communists like they did with unbanning the ANC? This start to substantiate proof of the fact that the white race across the globe are the most vicious , heartless and cruel race of monsters of all times- even so bad that they sit in silence while their own kinsmen are getting slaughtered like sheep. …and still aid the murderers financially! I

The world cannot say they did not know of the white genocide in South-Africa- bar the whole Internet that blasts it out. How many WHITE global “celebrities” already visited South-Africa to come and “kiss” Mandela (the newest trend in Hollywood these days to get a star in the walk of fame and maybe another movie contract- bar adopting a shadow runner( A-La Charlize Theron, Madonna and Angelina Jolie?) You can name them- Boris Becker, John Travolta and his nanny, Bill and his sidekick Hilary Clinton, David Hasellhoff, Tony Blair, Clint Eastwood, -even Kevin Costner ventured far into the forgotten wasteland down South to dance with the wolves. All of these glamor ghouls had only one thing in mind- visiting the icon temple specially to pose in a pic with Mandela just to enhance the appearance of the photo gallery on their mantle piece back home – grinning like rich apes to show their cronies and producers overseas they “met” Mandela. Not ONE ever paused and ask the question: ” Is it true this we hear about the white genocide in South-Africa? How many Boers was EVER invited to ANY country overseas by ANY company or organization to be a guest speaker about who and what is the Boers- and what is REALLY going on in South-Africa? I think you know the answer. This is what the so-called “democratic” system is all about… screw who-ever you want under the pretense that it is done ” for the good of mankind.” What a farce. Why did NO “human rights” organization, the Red Cross- of “human rights” activists EVER come forward and take the white genocide in SA to the spotlight- or even try to investigate what’s going on? The reason: ALL “human rights” organizations are one helluva bunch of demon-ruled tentacles from the NWO- and they only do what is “politically correct”- as long as it ends with a black. You can call me a racist for stating this – but my conscious is much purer than most of the whites abroad.

Did any of these “ globalist celebs” EVER visited any Boer organization- or talk to white squatters in a white squatter camp? No way…they jet in like a flock of misguided geese on a migration exercise to the South – land here in their private jets- zoom straight to the nearest Hilton hotel- stand in the entrance with their plastic boobs and stretched face jobs for a few pics, drop in the next day at Mandela’s Google Bar- make a u-turn in Soweto or another destituted “poor black squatter camp”- kiss a little darkie here, donate a few dollars for ” upliftment programs ” there – (while the paparazzi take umpteen pics of this lovely kind hearted celeb)- then dash for a quick cheese and wine the night after the “busy” day, gargle a few “ I’m so glad I met Mandela- he’s SUCH an inspiration-( What they actually meant is: I’m so glad I made it in time while his ventilator is still functioning)-” useless speeches….and POOF- off they went to go and gloat to their social cocaine-drenched fraternity they “were in South Africa- meeting Mandela” – blissfully leaving behind a sick regime in a broken country to proceed the white genocide unchecked and unchallenged behind them….just as long as they see the pics of their own little demon schmucks in the New York Times tomorrow- aping it out with Mandela. THAT is what it is all about….their own little egos and a last chance to pose with a REAL living – and still breathing- human fossil. That could put them smack in the center of the “Who is who” fraternity. Think of it….a pic like that could sell for MILLIONS of dollars at Southenby’s a couple of years after the ‘fossil” eventually became a “fossil.”

Visit ANY “Boer” squatter camps, organizations or even TALK to a white Afrikaner while the paparazzi is around- O NO- THAT would be pure stark raving suicide madness in the film and political industry if you REALLY want to whack your ego profile for stardom back home… will be like bonking a demon right in front of the Pearly Gates- and still expect a free ticket into heaven. In any case…if you might dare to ask them why they did not visit any Boer cemetery, organization or white squatter camp- they most probably will gawk at you in absolute awe with a blank expression on their smirks and maybe stutter: “ Who -the -hell -is- the-Boers? ” Never mind the little genocide and small squatter camps. Some of these mongrels will think you just swear at them and may threat to sue. This is the dubious double faced glory-hunting “celebs” and politicians of your “new” world which you so much “adore” and voted for…rotten to the core with their lying double standards. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WHITE RACES ACROSS THE GLOBE? Not even the worst animal species do this to their own kind.

In South-Africa the whites do not ask one another when they are going on “pension” anymore. These days they rather ask one another when they are going to get murdered? It -therefore- is no wonder that Yashua said that 3/4 of the human race will be wiped out in the last days- and trust me- most whites will be amongst those because of their sick deliberate accomplice in genocides like this…and yet they will howl at the Nazis for their genocide of the Jews- but play possum about the thousands of innocent Boer women and children murdered by the British in concentration camps and now this stark raving mad atrocities by the black communists? One can only wonder why? Very soon- whites in Europe and America will feel the same communist and Muslim wrath hitting them- but then they must not complain when that happens- they simply must remember their own silence when their help was needed.

Between May 1 2012 to Sept 30 2012, when the site was launched – it has logged 385 violent incidents of a racial nature. A total 292 were attacks on whites, of whom 99% were Boers – including 82 incidents of ‘dehumanisation’: i.e. hatespeech, mutilation/torture and humilation which indicated that the attackers harboured extreme hatred towards their unknown victims. There also were 93 incidents of ‘xenophobia’ including the hacking to death of Chinese shopkeeper Long Liang Chen 31, his young wife and baby girl in their shop in Warden, Free State on Sept 16 2012.…ports/view/336links to militia groups being trained in SA:

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