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Article by: White Nation correspondent- Western Cape 26 December 2012

The “Right Wing” or ” Right Wingers”-or even worst case scenario-” FAR Right wingers” -  that DREADFUL  deadly“menace” that threatens our beloved globalist’s world  of peaceful liberal  ” democracies.“ How many times have we heard or read this pathetic junk in the mainstream lib-media? This is something that sort’a tickled my mind for quite a while now. What triggered me to grab for my keyboard- was the latest ” right-winger” deadly threat to the poor fragile South-African “democracy.”  Seven very dangerous “ right-wingers” were arrested countrywide this past month  in what the globalist Media 24 pink media described as the “Mangaung plot.” Now you must picture this scenario for yourself: Seven middle-aged men- all belonging to various Afrikaner organizations- (Boers do not venture in such blatantly stupid ventures) – were caught when the very alert South-African Police ( that was when they were awake on duty in between breaks)- had a ” tip-off” ( usually from the so-called ” right wingers” themselves)- about this one helluva ” Koo-d-tat” that this ” right wing” movement wanted to pull on the corrupt ANC fat-cat gathering in Mangaung (That would be Bloemfontein for those that still battle to understand the ever changing of names by the ANC  racist librarians)-while they were busy stuffing their guts on the taxpayers cost and choosing  the next con-boss to lead South-Africa into even deeper murky waters.

Right- so here the police was tracing leads and ” worked around the clock” to get behind this evil plot brewing amidst the peaceful Mandela children here in our ever so lovely rainbow country- right under our noses! The whole of South-Africa was “shocked”  into silence- we were “appalled” by the mere fact that a “terrorist ” organization- or at least a splinter group from that DREADFUL ” right winger” organizations – planned to threaten our fragile “ democracy” – and blow up ONE very important TENT at this o so important gathering of ANC communist vultures. (The target surely MUST have been the FOOD tent…I presume.) Never the less- so- here we have our very alert police force that timely- just on the nick of time- got a whiff about this deadly plot to disrupt the gathering of the vultures- and quickly rounded-up all the threatening “ right winger” key elements in ” no time”- with ” more arrests to follow.” WHAO- WHAT SPLENDID WORK BY OUR POLICE FORCE!!! JOLLY GOOD SHOW OL’ CHAPS! The seven ” accused villains” was also dragged to court within record time- what a smooth oiled machinery our law system has evolved into eh? ( Just a pity they are not so quick to stamp out all the crime in the country)

Some of the accused ” right wingers” – Mark Trollip, 48, of Joburg, John Martin Keevy, 47, of Port Elizabeth, Hein Boonzaaier, 51, of Centurion, and Johan Hendrik Prinsloo, 49, of Springs-in the dock.

Now- this deadly plot would not have reached our attention- was it not for the ever inquisitive and on-the-spot correspondents of Media 24. Thank-You NASPERS- splendid work there I say what! Originally- these ” prime evils”- wanted to blow up the food….sorry- I mean a tent at the gathering of the vultures- but after the “ever alert ” police captured this ticking time bomb just in time- more was to come- more was to be revealed- it was not only and just the tent….but lo…wait- here is what REALLY was brewing behind the ” Second Boeremag” scenes:

“The plan was to kill ANC president Jacob Zuma and his former deputy, Kgalema Motlanthe, on December 16 with mortar bombs while they dined with delegates and guests at the ANC’s 53rd national conference. If that failed, the alternative plan was that men armed with assault rifles, such as AK-47s or R4s, would invade the dining venue and assassinate them and other high-ranking politicians. These details of a plan to kill Zuma and Motlanthe were unveiled in the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday. The plan is contained in a charge sheet that contains the state’s case against the four rightwingers from Gauteng charged for being the alleged architects of the plot. The plan was supposed to be two-staged. Initially, according to documents and a confession statement, the rightwingers had intended to attack Zuma, Motlanthe, cabinet members and senior ANC leaders with mortar bombs while they dined. If the first plan failed, these alleged plotters, according to the prosecution, then hatched a plan to invade the dining hall and kill Zuma, Motlanthe and cabinet members execution-style. “- The Post (  )

DO YOU BELIEVE THAT?  My word..these  ” Right wingers” were up to REALLY no-good…and brother- are they either very brave- or very stupid….a couple of them pumping mortars  Rambo-style  in-between almost 3000 communist scavengers and Lord knows how many pro-ANC security personnel, Media 24 puppets with their cams at the ready, drivers, side-kicks and Lord knows what else….and bomb ol’ “ Machine Gun” Zuma and his side-kick with MORTARS while they are feasting at the trough on the carcass of the taxpayer somewhere on the grounds. If that would not work- they would grabba Kalashnikov or two- with R4′s….eeooowee- old school rifles- we already have R 6 rifles and even more upgraded versions- and bust ” Universal Soldier” style into the gluttony session- and whack ol’ “Machine Gun ” and his 2 IB just there and then- kamikaze ” execution“  style- and for a bit of more Gladiator fun- whack a few more high-ranking vultures along the line just to round off one helluva sporting evening. SEVEN RELICS WALKING BLISSFULLY INTO A NEST OF VIPERS- AND TAKING ON MORE THAN 3000 COMMUNISTS!! Does the NWO monkeys REALLY think we are THAT stupid?

So…what is wrong with this picture? Am I the only one that is picking up the scent of a rotten fish here or what? I have a very funny notion this rotten fish is drifting all the way  from the ANC quagmire. Now- I may be wrong- but something is not very fresh in this whole set-up. Firstly- we got warnings about two months ago that the ANC NI dreggos is planning yet another little “Boeremag” venture- and all Boers must abstain from getting sucked into some “Boers” or “Far right wingers” that wanna “destabilize” ol‘ “Machine gun’s” state robbery of our taxes. Secondly- all was peaceful and quiet in the South-African chicken pen until a week-or -so before the vulture gathering- then all of a sudden- WHAM- there are those verdammit “ right-wingers” and their so-called “freedom fighters” again- planning a dastardly attack on our communist ” democracy.” Thirdly- the police was ever so conveniently ” informed” of this to-be “Koo-d-tat”- and “investigated” the deadly plot for a couple of weeks prior to the actual ” assault.” Then- our ever alert Media 24. Did you notice how quickly and “conveniently ” our NASPERS tracers- they MUST have a GPS in their offices that leads them to all these ” unfortunate” right-wing plots- jumped to the occasion? Their correspondents covered the story minute by minute- from the moment it started- until the ” far right wing vigilantes” were in the dock. They followed every move the police made-reported in depth every word spoken- and covered the story with all the prim and pomp in each and every tabloid with every tastiest morsel in their organization for all to ” read about it.” Now ain’t this eerie?

So- this brings us back to that ” rotten fish” I was referring to. If…and I say IF I am allowed to play a bit of devil’s advocate here- my gut feeling is that we are looking either at a pre-planned set-up by the ANC NI skunk factory here- or a couple of very stupid Afrikaner roosters that REALLY are living in cuckoo-land. My guess sort’a leans over to the first guess. My guess is that these roosters from the South-African rainbow chicken pen- are paid agent provocateurs – and the whole imbecilic set-up was planned by the NI skunk factory to start that ” second” Boeremag venture we were warned about.  My gut feeling is that they paid these dumb Afrikaner Rock spiders to act as ” saboteurs“- and lure poor desperate white ” patriotic” people into their trap. Once a few agreed to this childish and amateurish plan- all of a sudden the police would slam the trap shut- and “arrest” the so-called ” ring leaders”- and the other hapless white “ conspirators” with all the- naturally- media fanfare. Call me a monkey’s uncle if you want- but living long enough under the ANC racist rule- and you sort’a get used to the idiotic trend these communist racists are operating. Only a blind fool would fall for such a amateurish plan.

One may ask now why would the commie rat pack devise such a evil stupid plan to incarcerate white innocent people- and why would the commie dregs pull a stunt like this- I mean- this sounds absurd? Well my dear reader- with the ANC NOTHING is absurd. One must understand that-like all across the word- the NWO dregs are running the show…and so it is with South-Africa as well. The ANC are not running the show ‘ere by a long shot- they merely are stinkbugs – dallying on strings on the end of the Wall Street Zionist puppet masters fingers. Remember- The Zionist created communism- the Zionist created the term “Democracy”- and the Zionist also created the term ” Right Winger.” You see- it works like this: For every ” good” force – there must be an” evil ” force…it’s a law of nature. The Bible also points this out….Yahwe on one side- Satan on the other- good versus evil. The one cannot exist without the other. Thus- the Zionist created the term ” Democracy”- a system that sounds very attractive on the ear if you listen to the pillars it is supposed to rest upon- but factually this ” democracy” in reality is an evil system whereby these money Zerks sap you from nearly every penny you posses through taxes, levies, high prices, interests , inflation and ressesion.  Through their ” Democracy” they steal about $6.00 from every $ 10.00 you earn. “Democracy” factually only means that your freedom only  lies there when you have got nothing else to loose anymore. “Democracy”  can be spelled “ Demon-cracy”- for that is what it is…evil posing as the angel of light. They use all these beautiful terms like ” freedom, human rights, rainbow nation, job creation, etc, etc”- to wrap around this evil virus- just for the eye-blinding exercise. Through their ” democracy” they manufacture very inhuman “laws” to ” control” you- with naturally- the ever present bulls*it ” motivation” that this or that “law” actually are their to ” protect” you- like the gun laws- or that this “law” are being put in place to make the life for you “better and safer” – like the protection/security  laws. On the end of the line- that SAME laws works against you to handicap, impoverish  and control you- and THEY are the ones living a better ” life”- and you…you end -up being sucker punched to foot the bill for their extravagant life-styles and fat bank accounts. THAT- dear reader- is ” Democracy“- a system where you vote and give them the right to disarm you, oppress  you – and take away your liberty and freedom to enslave you to work for them. Their media  propagate a lie long enough to brainwash the population- you believe it for the truth because you read and hear it a thousand times- and then they make a law to substantiate the lie.

This now brings us back to the two opposing axis working against each other- the “good”- and the ” evil”-always running parallel to each other- always ending in a paradox. This could be see as  “Democracy” (good)- and “Right wing” (evil.) You see- the one cannot exist without the other- it operates this way in all the “ democratic” countries. The UK had their “Democratic” establishment vs the IRA.  The USA have their  “democratic” elite vs ” Al Quaida”. South-Africa have their ANC  “democratic” elite vs the “ Right wingers.“  So does every country have their two opposing elements….it always keeps one in power. One need the other to exist- factually- they co-exist for a long, long time together. The “good” cannot exist without the “bad”- it keeps the “good” in power. The ” bad “ needs to support the ” good.” It present a common “evil” at election times. It gets blamed for all the human tragedies, all the suffering- and all the diversity. It keeps the ” good” united in a common cause. It offers a good scape-goat for mistakes that might occur with-in the nucleus of the “good.” It gets blamed for all the mishaps and poor decisions taken by the ” good.” In other words- the “bad” is a very necessary component for any “good” to exist. To go to the end of my limitations-one can say that without a Satan- there will be no purpose for a Yahwe to exist…no hell…no need for a heaven….good against evil.

The term “right winger“- started in the UK media..on that evil island “up North”- and was attributed towards specific the Boer people in South-Africa that did not kneel to the NWO proposed “democracy” they wanted to enforce upon the Boers through the ANC. We understand that the Limeys still are very sore due to the fact that only a handful Boers- 80 thousand in total- gave the British Empire - 400 thousand- hell for three consecutive years- with England starting to loose the costly war- when they tried to ” colonize” our land to rob our gold. They-on the end of the day- had to revert to sick inhuman methods by the Lords Robberts and Kitchener- like the raping of woman, burning of farms- and incarcerating helpless women and children in concentration camps in order to at last achieve “ victory” to win the war…how pathetic sick. England -up  to today- has not even had the dignity to apologize to the Boers the dastardly methods they used to murder thousands of helpless women and children- but yea…that’s the Limey for you.No wonder they still hate the Boers…or the so-called white ” right wingers.”

On the other side of the coin- have you ever read in the lib-tabloids of the term ” Far left wing?” No? Chances is that you never will- for in this mad liberal-controlled world “far-left wing” actually means ” democratic.”  Have you EVER heard or read the media calling any other race bar the whites ” Right wingers?” This is a proof that the Zionists use the media to very slowly and sublimity demonizing all whites as evil creatures. There is no “moderate” or ” middle” region anymore…you either are liberal- or a ” right winger” as far as whites are concerned. Why does the Zionist media not refer to extremist Muslims- or rebelling blacks as ” right wingers?” No- THAT term is reserved exclusively to demonize whites.  What the Zionist globalists are doing- is systematically portraying white conservative people as evil demons in the eyes of the naive global chicken pen….the “right wing Boogeyman” to scare the whits out of your kids. Each and every occurrence where there is a white man and a gun involved- immediately the Zionist media tab the mass-murderer as a ” right-winger”- irrespective if he acted alone or not or belong to a “ right wing” organization or not.  This helps the Zionist two ways- get rid of the whites- and the guns….two possible “threats” our of the way.  When a dark person does the same- all hushed-up by the pink media…for dark races cannot be ” right wingers.” Ever wondered why so many other races hates the whites- go ask the Zionists. I will not be surprised if the Zionists re-write the Bible- referring to Satan as a ” Far right winger” as well.

When the ANC in cahoots with COSATU- launched a REAL offence against one of South-Africa’s legal provinces- the Western Cape- nothing was done…no ring leaders arrested- no police “investigation” for “weeks“- and no “plot” registered. Tony Ehrenreich and Marius Fransman – both ANC and COSATU- organized massive destructive chaos against the white wine farmers of the Western Cape- amassing thousands of unruly alien marauders to set farms and equipment alight. Before that- The ANCYL burnt hundreds of trucks- causing millions of rands damage….but still an eerie silence from both the ANC and the police. No action, no ring leaders brought to justice- no media ” far left wing” bleating. Now THIS was a real threat to the state- one of it’s legal provinces was under threat- this was what it is referred to as ” subversion”- a threat to the state by own members….but nothing happened to the instigators- the ANC actually participated in the turmoil by the likes of Tina Joemat Pieterson…”saluting” the unruly mobsters by what they ” achieved“- the destruction of millions of rands of property. I suppose this is but part of “democracy “eh?  A ” democratic” organization  trying to destroy a ” democratic” province governed by a “Democratic Alliance”…nothing wrong with that I suppose? If “far right wingers” ( they cannot be democratic) – did the same as COSATU and the ANCYL- I suppose the police would be running like rabbits across the country  for the next ten years in their haste to arrest all the white ” right wingers” involved in the plot to overthrow  the state or part of the state  in charges relating  to “  crimes against the state.”

Another case scenario- is the fact that literally thousands of illegal guns are running wild in black squatter camps and on the Cape Flats- where there is a murder about every single day- but never ever did the police organized one single action to tackle that problem- and start to swoop down on squatter camps and “investigate” and confiscate all  illegal weapons there. It is only when a white have an “illegal” weapon- that the police swoop onto white farms amass- repossessing everything from a boy’s slingshot  up to a tractor exhaust- claiming “mass weapon caches discovered.” Looking at the police’s own record- where more than 5000 of their OWN weapons ” disappeared” mysteriously this past few years…one could understand why. Their order from the communist ANC was clear: “Disarm all whites.” The white ” right wingers” seems to be a very sore little thorn in the shoe of the ANC communists….about 100 thousand unarmed white ” right wingers” give about 50  million ANC supporters and about 1 million well armed and funded commies with state security forces  the hebee jitteries- how rich! Furthermore does the police not say a word about the ANC THEMSELVES that are training private armies on the side-line and the mainly white tax payer’s tab? Why does the police not act against the ANC as a party for arming and illegally  training thousands of private young blacks? One can just wonder why?

So…this brings us then back to the “right winger” situation. The “right-wing” – as I said- was created by the Zionist in order for his “democracy” to be able to exist….iow “Right wing” is the opposite of “Democracy” – it’s ” evil” twin brother in South-Africa.  Anyone ( read WHITE)- not playing according to the regime/elite’s rules- are branded as a ” right winger.” The more incidents involving ” right wingers” occur- the better. The more it can be high-lighted in the Zionist controlled media- the more “sheeple” get “psi-opsed” – brain washed- to distance themselves from this ” right wing” vigilantes- and the more they get unified against a ” common enemy”- (Remember Vietnam, Pearl Harbor and 29/11?)  All are common ” enemies” or scenarios created by the Zionist to ” unify” the “sheeple” behind them to act against a common “enemy” in order to reach their (Zionists) goal. Zionists across the world have only ONE goal in mind: To control the world. This is why organizations like the EU, AU and North American Union was created. ….manipulable and controllable “sectors” to control the world.In short time the Asian Union and Indian Union will be added – replacing the BRICKS system- controlled by the UN.The “right-wing threat” also now are sticking it’s “ugly” head out in many European countries…and also in the USA- where ordinary white conservative citizens that does not agree with Obama’s New World Order agenda- also are being targeted by the mainstream Zionist media as ” right wingers.” This is the way the Zionist media are used to demonize only and mainly whites. The Zionist want to flood the world with dark manipulable slaves that could be conned and controlled to give-up the flooded countries resources for shiny useless playthings. The white race – due to it’s invetious and productive nature- poses a threat to the Zionist global “take-over”- and thus they must be vindicated from the big Zionist global chessboard.

The easiest way to achieve this goal- is by flooding a country with a race that could multiply fast and could be “utilized” within 5 generations. The Zionists and their toad-brained liberals want to control everything- and do not tolerate independent thoughts. To conclude the situation then when we take all this together- you must understand the new terminology used by the New World Order terrorists and what it actually meant in the old dispensation : “Left winger” now means “Democrat.”  The term “Far Left winger” thus refer to a NWO political ” Dictator.” On the opposing  end of the scale does ” Right winger” actually mean ” White Conservative”-as per dictionary (

right-winger- a member of a right wing political party
conservative, conservativist - a person who is reluctant to accept changes and new (read liberal NWO)ideas) -
- and “Far right winger” refers to  ” White Self independent.“  Now this is ONE term the Zionist do not even want to smell in their vocabulary….” white independence”- for they thrive on the white cattle to supply the much needed funding to support their dark parasites. Once one white become ” independent” – more will surely follow suite- and THAT is going to create mega-problems for the Zionist- for then the white also see to it that his much needed tax money become ” independent” as well- leaving the Zionist to feed his own dark leeches- and that just ain’t gonna work. Thus- the “plan” is thus that the white cattle must at all costs be ” contained”, suppressed,opressed, demonized, robbed of their own free will and independence- and kept on “ground level” to be “manageable” cattle to milk for the ” greater cause“- feeding the masses. The other danger of this ” independence” nonsense- is that the white just might start his own micro economy, start his own defense force- and THAT pose the REAL threat for the NWO  Zionist global plan. Thus- the Zionist use his media as effective as he can to psychologically demonize all white ” free thinkers” by slapping a bad tab to them….” right wingers.”

Some of the NWO terminology they use in the liberal newspapers – and what it actually means:

Democracy- It means a soft Socialist system.

Robber- It refers to a black intruder.

Boer- Most NWO/communist feared white homogenized South-African  race with high christian moral values and fighter capability to be suppressed and wiped out as soon as possible.

Rainbow Nation- Inter rational sex across the color line are supported and promoted by the government of the day- mix grill bastard race with no moral values

Democrat- Left Winger

President- NWO  appointed  dictator

Right winger- Conservative white to be eliminated

Right wing organization- Fictitious threat with it’s origins in one or the other correspondent’s derived mind to evoke sensation

Liberal- Totally messed-up white that act as cannon fodder for the NWO

Afrikaner- Liberal orientated  South-African chicken that has no clue where he belongs- could be any race

Politician- Shrewd con-artists that act as front men for the NWO in a country- usually studied law.

Parliament- Corrupt Statutory body that enforces the NWO rules and regulations.

Federal Reserve- NWO control institution

Revenue Service- NWO most lucrative gambling mecca

Congress- NWO new type of inquisition board.

Media- Paid lapdogs that act as mouthpieces and propaganda machines for their masters in Wall street

Political Party- Corrupt organization appointed by the NWO to screw the country and rake in all the resources for Wall Street while the people are being lied into starvation.

 Minister- Well paid mobster

MEC- Well paid gangster henchman/woman

Constituency- Chicken pen

Constitution-  Fake Rules , regulations and securities for the chicken pen to make the retro-chickens feel at ease while they are fattened.

Electorate- Retro-brain-washed chickens.

No Comment- Politician was caught with his/her pants down and do not know what to say

Media statement- Previous discussed lie on paper  for all to hear only this they are supposed to hear.

Board of Enquiry to investigate something - Huge money spending bullsh*t to keep the chickens at ease and  that will ultimately end in a Media statement.

MP- Highly paid con artist-  presenting retro-brain washed chickens from a certain chicken pen to the NWO for slaughter

Security Forces- Modern gunslingers and drug runners

Freedom – A term not as yet classified in the NWO terminology

Privacy- Having no cell phone, TV or  electronic device to monitor you and stay far from a city

Liberty- Also a term not as yet classified in the NWO terminology.

White Homeland- Biggest threat to any NWO orientated toad.

Self Determination- Word does DEFINITELY not exist in the NWO dictionary and are rarely used in the NWO mainstream media.

Here is one or two examples how these sleaze bucket NWO libs are operating. A good example could be seen in this headlines of the liberal Mail & Guardian:

“Seven arrested for right wing Mangaung bomb plot”- Mail and Guardian

Even their blogs tries to demonize conservative white independence- for instance this blog:

Right Wing Afrikaner flags (South Africa) ( Notice how they blatantly refer to the “Afrikaners”)

This is proof that they link race to their own hate speech referrals.…but want to slap you with the “law” if you refer to one of the Negros as a “Ka**ir”- but gleefully they refer to the white Afrikaner as a ” right winger.”

They (NWO liberals) even have an” organization”  that “watch” for “right wingers”: You Tube

Although you can open any NWO tabloid or watch a Zionist -sponsored program- you will see the term “right winger” appear everywhere where chaos and destruction- or something bad happened. We just await  any NWO mainstream tabloid to start to classify the boy falsely accused of the Sandy Hook massacre-Adam Lanza- who have to take the rap of yet another black ops operation like Lee Harvey Oswald, William Booth, “ Osama Bin Laden”- and Janus Walusz to name a few – and also be  as a ” right winger”- for death as well as guns were present. ..typical the “lone nut” black ops scenario.”’ Old, old – oldest trick in the NWO book….no evidence.   Interesting is the fact that always almost all these “ mass murderers” are themselves killed in the process. Conveniently no evidence, no traces- no ” loose strings” to reveal the truth. …nothing- dead men tell no truths. Thus the NWO dregs could now push that long awaited anti-white gun-law that would strip all conservative white Americans from their guns to defend themselves- and also keep the ” right wing” threat alive- like Al-Quayda. This is the NWO old trick. They want a certain action to be executed- but they must get a leverage or a flint to spark that action- thus they stage a incident- ( like 9/11)-and uses that incident to leverage their own dark agenda.

Please read how openly these Zionists play their game with the Sandy Hook government staged affair:

Stopping the spread of deadly assault weapons

In January, Senator Feinstein ( Jewish Zionist) will introduce a bill to stop the sale, transfer, importation and manufacturing of military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition feeding devices.

To receive updates on this legislation, click here.

You see-how cleverly the Zionists use  the Sandy Hook massacre- which THEY staged-  as a trigger ( with enough media psi-ops)-to push ahead their one sided dubious  weapon ban act-( aimed at  white conservative ” right wingers” only) The main plan is to DISARM white Americans- like they disarmed white South-Africans.

The only difference between the old ways and this vile new ways of the NWO- is that they try their utmost to demonize self independent conservative thinkers by using certain slang repeatedly in their NWO controlled newspapers and other media mediums. The Zionist do not want any ” free thinkers” running wild around the Zionist global chicken pen- posing a threat to their “ One World Order.”  One “free thinker” is still “manageable” or ” Assassinatable” – but if that ONE ” free thinker” start to influence the rest of the retro-programmed chickens- there is going to be a problem containing too much “free thinkers” that opposes the new World Order “plan.” Each and every ” chicken”  thus must think and act like they are being programmed- to serve their masters in Wall Street.

This also why I speculate that this whole farce “ right wing” spectacle in South-Africa was staged in order to “unify” the rainbow chickens behind the Zionist controlled ANC- and to keep the “evil” alive and well in order for the “good” to stay in power. The first “Boeremag” stunt was also such a ploy. On the end- after some ” sheeple” was jailed “awaiting trail” for ELEVEN YEARS- they were found ” guilty”. It was only THEN that the proverbially ” bomb” went “bang” when certain ” policemen” came forward and ” confessed” that the police was paid to lure white members into the Boeremag trail:

“Former apartheid-operative Barry Bawden of the ex-Civil Cooperation Bureau was paid R450,000 to lure Afrikaners into Boeremag Treason trial — Oct 13 2012 – Afrikaans Sunday Rapport journalist Jacques Pauw continues his expose of the fraud committed in the Boeremag Treason trial, writing that Barry Bawden, a former apartheid-police operative in the Civil Cooperation Bureau, now has a ‘personal relationship’ with SA pres Jacob Zuma and was paid at least R450,000 to R500,000 to lure Afrikaners into the socalled ‘Boeremag Treason Trial: He was also paid a huge amount of money to tell the police the whereabouts of two escaped Boeremag prisoners: Herman van Rooyen and Rudi Gouws, who had been hiding out on a farm near Warmbaths for 9 months when they were recaptured. Twenty Afrikaner men now are in prison after a ten-year trial and horrific prison-conditions during which they were extensively tortured to force confessions from them. One of the accused men died from a brain-infection he sustained in the police-cells: he was kept in the basement of the Pretoria prison which was fouled with raw sewage. Pauw is unearthing more and more evidence that the SAPS Crime-Intelligence Unit cheated, planted evidence and lured Afrikaners into participating into acts of treason: to the extent that infiltrating agents even brought Boeremag members bomb-making material and taught them how to use them.”-

The simple question is why these policemen waited 11 years to “confess” thier dubious part in this set-up plot…this while some Boeremag  members experienced the most haggard conditions in the prisons- and some died in prison? The same goes for Clive Derby Lewis- who the ANC said- ” will rot in prison.” Now these poor chickens are still in jail- awaiting the long audacious bureaucracy to either call a mistrial,keep them or free them.

Like I said- this new “ Boeremag” plot stinks like a rotten fish that drifted from the ANC NI skunk factory again. I might be totally wrong- but I have learned that to predict the future- you only have to take a glimpse in the past- and the past concerning the ANC- is one helluva rotten dark affair.

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