Thursday, 24 January 2013

‎"We are above the public," says SAPS Constable

The Cansa Branch Manager underneath the entry the thieves

SAPS Constables refuse to help after Cansa is robbed.

22 January 2013 | Riaan van Zyl

When the employees of Cansa arrived at their offices on Monday morning 21 January they discovered to their shock that they have been burgled.

They immediately contacted ADT (their security company) and SAPS ( for insurance purposes a docket has to be opened), due to the fact that for unknown reasons the alarm did not go off, according to a Cansa spokesman.

Both the spokesperson and branch manager wants to stay anonymous out of fear of being victimised.

The security company arrived and shortly afterwards a SAPS vehicle with both a male and female constable.

The spokesperson said that they did not announce themselves an did a three minute search of the premises with the members of the security company before getting back in their vehicle.

The spokesperson then approached them and asked them where they were going at which one of them replied "you do not need us here, because you were on the phone". (He was on the phone to inform Cansa head office of the incident).

He found their attitude unacceptable and started walking back to the building to contact Roodepoort Police station's Station Commander. The female constable then jumped out and threw a tantrum shouting at him "we are not the ordinary public! We are above the Public!".

One of the spokesperson's friends caught the whole affair on video.
Because he could not reach Station Commander, Colonel Ndebele, he got hold of Colonel Van Rooyen who said the incident will be investigated. The spokesperson said that he is also going to bring it under the attention of General Petros.

The total value, including damage to the property, amounts to R150 000. Computers with expensive software on it, donation tins and the petty cash in the safe, which was grinded open, were stolen.

The Record contacted Gauteng Provincial Spokesperson, Luitenant Colonel Dlamini, for comment but he asked that a report of the incident must be emailed to him. The Record awaits his reply.

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