Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Please Help The BOEREMAG

A call upon International Intervention for the Injustice of the Boeremag Case.

More than 20 Men are accused of high treason against the Republic of South Africa and have been imprisoned since 2002.

More than 20 Boers have been subjugated in an exhausting court case for the past ten years.

During the trial it was testified that Government agents and Police agent provocateurs played a prominent roll in planning, orchestrating and instigating the events leading to the events of this case.

A former crime intelligence officer testified that the Boeremag was lured into a trap by informants working for the police’s Crime Intelligence Unit, who planted evidence and enticed the members to move from their initial defence strategy, into a militant organisation.

Ten of the accused are still imprisoned as “awaiting trial detainees” (for more than 10 years), with bail repeatedly denied. They are kept under inhumane circumstances worse than convicted prisoners, and they are not allowed any contact visitation for the past ten years.

The accused whose bail were denied, appeared in front of black judges, whilst the bail was granted according to Law to those who appeared in front of white judges.

One of the accused were subjected to the barbarian methods of torturing used by police and personally testified to this.

Eight of the accused have been divorced since the commencement of the case. Two are deceased, whilst one is terminally ill.

One of the accused is over the age of seventy and had a heart attack. He received a three vessel heart bypass, but bail was still denied thereafter.

The case has once again been postponed to the 11th of March 2013.

This case against these persons is an injustice and an offence against humanity. It is taking place in South Africa which is a member of the UN’s Safety and Security Council.

Please help us by sharing this information so that the International Community can take notice of this and insist on immediate rectification.

We thank you for your support!

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