Saturday, 29 September 2012

This will happen to you if you try to safe your life against the criminals

Rosemary Peake 57 arrested in Kraaifontein for 'pointing weapon ' at ten coloured men who threatened her
Sept 23 2012 - Her son Jason Peake writes on 'My Rosemary Peake, age 57, was arrested this morning for "pointing a firearm." Currently sitting in police cell in Kraaifontein awaiting court appearance tomorrow early.
Police station has rejected bail saying it is a serious offence. Po
lice not interested in counter argument of self-defence. Possible bail only tomorrow at court appearance.
Real story: 10 street-sleeping coloured guys started attacking her vehicle with her inside, right in front of me. She was then very assertive and they then became very aggressive. She felt threatened and displayed her (legal) handgun from within the

closed vehicle. I called to her to leave rather than to fight back. She did then leave the scene and I tried to get out of the area as well. Cops saw a commotion, but heard a story ONLY from the coloured guys. They pursued arrest and were not interested in counter story of self-defence. Even with me as a witness. Apparently it is a worse crime to threaten in self-defence than for a mob of men to attack a single white women in South Africa.Arresting officers acted on limited knowledge and were not wearing proper uniform.

They also did not indentify themselves fully during the arrest.She is a single, household and bread winner for three, mother and grandmother. Her job has been jeopardised due to the unlawful actions of the criminally biased police. Her firearm , which is used for protection and self-defence is detained by the police indefinitely and unlawfully.The 10 coloured guys are free to commit more crime without even suspicion.
Arresting officer: Constable Arendse.
Kraaifontein Police Station: 021 980 5533.
Detective: Sergeant Marks at Kraaifontein Police Station.
Eye Witness News have been informed of the story.
Charl van Wyk at Gun Owners of South Africa is following the story as well.
Barry Gregg of Michael Matthews and Associates is trying to help as well. Hopefully we will have legal representation tomorrow at the court appearance.

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