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“We (Genocide Watch) are encouraging governments like Australia and the US to adopt liberal asylum policies for South African whites so they can leave South Africa.”


Email from Dr Gregory Stanton Oct 6, 2012 to Afrikaans campaigner/singer Sunette Bridges warns Afrikaners to flee

To: Sunette Bridges
From: Greg Stanton

“As you know, Genocide Watch has already raised the Genocide Stage level for South Africa to Stage 6 because we now have evidence that the murders of Afrikaaner farmers and other whites is organized by racist communists determined to drive whites out of South Africa, nationalize farms and mines, and bring on all the horrors of a communist state. Marxism-Leninism is not yet the official ideology of the ANC government, as it is in ZANU-PF in Zimbabwe, but ANC policy will take a further step in that direction at the ANC national conference in December.

However, a two state solution to the racial problem in South Africa, while it might have been possible sixty years ago, is no longer possible. For Jews surrounded by anti-Jewish governments, the best solution was emigration. For Jews, the State of Israel was created by the UN. Many also emigrated to the United States and other countries. But the UN will never allow creation of a separate state for whites in South Africa. We (Genocide Watch) are encouraging governments like Australia and the US to adopt liberal asylum policies for South African whites so they can leave South Africa. It is a pity. Whites in South Africa have lived there for over 300 years, and have just as much right to stay there as African-Americans or white Americans have to stay in the US.

We fully recognize the crisis. Our hopes are that the ANC can be changed from within, or defeated in the next elections, or that the constitutional system in South Africa will prevent the ANC from imposing communism.

Best wishes,

Greg Stanton”

Source – Sunnette Bridges on Facebook – VLUG! …seg Gregory Stanton van Genocide Watch!


By Jacques Mare 04 October, 2012 – Copied from: The Afrikaner Journal

PRETORIA – South Africa – Afrikaner human and civil rights pressure-group Afriforum launched their ‘Stop the Murders” campaign last month — geared at informing and soliciting international support for their cause.

Afriforum delivered a memorandum on 4 October 2012 to 110 embassies and institutions in SA — explaining why they need international support for this cause. They appealed to all recipients to put pressure on the ANC government to declare Afrikaner-farm murders a priority crime.

Source: Afriforum Facebook Page: News Announcement

ANC-militias are organised to attack Afrikaners

This will ensure that more time, money and general effort be redirected toward the safety of rural farming communities, who are now at the mercy of black ANC militias, maiming,torturing and killing the food-growers of this country.

South African farmers produce and supply most of the food needs of South Africa as well as most Southern African countries like, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and even as far afield as Angola and beyond into the interior of tropical Africa.

The USA-based Genocide Watch organisation declared the attacks against Afrikaner farmers as “deliberate” and a possible “genocide in the making”

Press Conference

Video Source – YouTube – Dr. Stanton of Genocide Watch on farm murders in SA

Above: ”We are convinced that these attacks are not accidental”, said Prof Gregory Stanton at the Transvaal Agricultural Union’s headquarters news conference on 26 July 2012 in Pretoria Genocide Watch had already upgraded the vulnerable Afrikaner-group to being at risk of Stage 6 out of the eight stages of genocide – i.e. preparation for genocide. He said in order to upgrade the status to a fully fledged genocide…”we need the smoking gun”. In other words, they/we need to identify the person(s) and/or groups responsible for ordering these mass killings and forced displacements. He also said his organisation would put pressure on the US government and the United States to look into this as well.

Source: Genocide Watch

We have more and more proof

The pro Afrikaans action group PRAAG (Dr Dan Roodt) then published a shocking article shortly thereafter, describing evidence, exposing incidents where SA police officers were found to recruit black youths from local squatter camps for (government-paid) militia-training at South African National Defence Force bases all over the country for covert, non-specified operations that may very possibly be directed at violence against Afrikaners in rural, as well as urban areas.

This revelation does not come entirely as a shock – many news sources, blogs and other social network pages have published reports containing evidence of these murder-gangs and the way they work. The farming community is however not the only group targeted for annihilation by these pro-government militias.

Many Afrikaner families are targetted in the cities and suburbs, too

Many Afrikaners feel that the description of the ‘vulnerable group’ should change to incorporate ALL Afrikaners since urban Afrikaners are increasingly the victims of violent house-invasions, robberies and car hijackings. It is also common for whole families to be wiped out during robberies or attempted robberies in,what the South African government describe as “just crime”. Most of the time however these cowards target the frail and elderly.

Racist attacks by black SA militias in September 2012 – summary
To those of you residing outside of South Africa, please help us to spread the word of these atrocities. You can write to your councillor, statesmen and – women, governors, presidents, government ministers and/ or local press, activist groups etc and urge them to take action.

With your help, we can: “Stop the Murders”

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