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Article by: White Nation correspondent- Western Cape 05 October  2012


“We invaded the whites schools, hospitals, chruches, and all their facilities. We are training thousands of soldiers in other countries with white South Africans’ money. We are part of the countries Government. It will be a matter of time, then we will be ruling the Government.

We are going to Nationalise everything and we are going to take everything away from the whites. We’ve smashed the white murale. We invaded their white townships, we can buy their houses, flats, we can hire their house by the hundreds and that will help us with our final task now that we are staying between the whites.

This letter is meant for the Domestic Servants and garden boys, some of them will definitely get the letter and those that don’t get the letter will hear the other whisper. Your weapon will be fence wire the thick one double folded at the one end and sharpened on a stone the other end when your weapon is finished it should be 10 inches long. The wire you can got in any yard it will cost you nothing. Signs will be given to our Blacks when to be used.

Plenty of Farmers are being murdered every week. The action is to be taken in Towns and small holdings, when parents are at work or when you are with the white children alone use the weapon from the shoulderbone to the Heart or from the Bottom to the Heart. This method can be used for the elderly people too. You can hide your weapon easily.

Rape all white women and kill them. We the blacks are rejected, but junior De Klerk lives with a black woman and she is the only one that can satisfied him. Why has the white President a key to a Private department. Who has the other key to the Private department? Have a lot of patient, wait for the signal.”

35 000 of these forms are send out the last few months.

This topic has been published so many times- and White Nation already reported on the issue- but still the white genocide in South-Africa continuous unchecked. This is proof that the ANC terrorist organization is full-swing busy -not only instigating- but also training young terrorists in wiping out the farming community. …whole families, women, children and old people. This fact has already been high-lighted by various prominent spokes people- so much that the farm murders are now being discussed in various parliaments and the European Union itself. Yet- yet the ANC is playing their hideous “cloak and dagger” game and use the deceiving power of “flat denial“- cooking the farm murder stats, laughing it off as “just another crime”- and are very much ignorant of many a plea to actually do something about the white genocide. The ANC- in their very deranged minds- did something about it- training MORE black murderers on white taxpayers cost- and plan to start yet another “Boeremag” pseudo campaign to incarcerate more whites. The question is- WHEN WILL THE INTERNATIONAL WORLD START TO WAKE UP FROM THEIR APATHETIC SLUMBER? Unfortunately for the international world- it is not the “racist” Boers that are getting murdered alone- many British, American, European and Australasian visitors and residents are been murdered as well. These dregs of hell do not pause to ask your identity document- your pale skin is reason enough to eradicate your footprints from African soil. When are we going to hear that famous “Free the Boer” hysteric yelping from the liberals as they did with Mandela? When will the world stop their double standards and start to sanction this unholy ANC terror campaigns? When will the world stop subsidizing the white genocide in South-Africa? When will the world stop kissing the communist demon in South-Africa?

The most horrifying piece in this horror puzzle is that it is WHITES from abroad that sits behind the genocide of their kinsmen down South-using and financing the black terror machine to eradicate the Boer nation in SA!!! When are we going to hear the white populace abroad starting to raise their voices against the gross human atrocities from the ANC communists like they did with unbanning the ANC? This start to substantiate proof of the fact that the white race across the globe are the most vicious , heartless and cruel race of monsters of all times- even so bad that they sit in silence while their own kinsmen are getting slaughtered like sheep. …and still aid the murderers financially! It is YOUR tax money that are been used to finance the communist regime down South. It is YOUR liberal MP’s that funnel millions of pounds and dollars to the ANC regime to “aid the poor aliens and kill the Boers “ in South-Africa. It is YOUR money that help finance liberal newspapers in your country to abstain from reporting these atrocities of our nation.

The world cannot say they did not know of the white genocide in South-Africa- bar the whole Internet that blasts it out. How many  WHITE global “celebrities” already visited South-Africa to come and “kiss” Mandela (the newest trend in Hollywood these days to get a star in the walk of fame and maybe another movie contract- bar adopting a shadow runner( A-La Charlize Theron, Madonna and Angelina Jolie?)  You can name them- Boris Becker, John Travolta and his nanny,  Bill and his  sidekick Hilary Clinton, David Hasellhoff, Tony Blair, Clint Eastwood, -even Kevin Costner ventured far into the forgotten wasteland down  South to dance with the wolves. All of these glamor ghouls had only one thing in mind- visiting the icon temple  specially to pose in a pic with Mandela just to enhance  the appearance of the photo gallery on their mantle piece back home – grinning like rich apes to show their cronies and producers overseas they “met” Mandela. Not ONE ever paused and ask the question: ” Is it true this we hear about the white genocide in South-Africa? How many Boers was EVER invited to ANY country overseas by ANY company or organization to be a guest speaker about who and what is the Boers- and what is REALLY going on in South-Africa? I think you know the answer. This is what the so-called “democratic” system is all about… screw who-ever you want under the pretense that it is done ” for the good of mankind.” What a farce. Why did NO “human rights” organization, the Red Cross- of “human rights” activists EVER come forward and take the white genocide in SA to the spotlight- or even try to investigate what’s going on? The reason:  ALL “human rights” organizations are one helluva bunch of demon-ruled tentacles from the NWO- and they only do what is “politically correct”- as long as it ends with a black. You can call me a racist for stating this – but my conscious is much purer  than most of the whites abroad.

Did any of these “ globalist celebs” EVER visited any Boer organization- or talk to white squatters in a white squatter camp? No way…they jet in like a flock of misguided geese on a migration exercise to the South – land here in their private jets- zoom straight to the nearest Hilton   hotel- stand in the entrance with their plastic boobs and stretched face jobs for a  few pics, drop in the next day at Mandela’s Google Bar- make a u-turn in Soweto or another destituted “poor black squatter camp”- kiss a little darkie here, donate a few dollars for ” upliftment programs ” there – (while the paparazzi take umpteen pics of this lovely kind hearted celeb)- then dash for a quick cheese and wine the night after the “busy” day, gargle  a few “ I’m so glad I met Mandela- he’s SUCH an inspiration-( What they actually meant is: I’m so glad I made it in time while his ventilator is still functioning)-” useless speeches….and POOF- off they went to go and gloat to their social cocaine-drenched fraternity they “were in South Africa- meeting Mandela” – blissfully leaving behind a sick regime in a broken country to proceed the white genocide unchecked and unchallenged behind them….just as long as they see the pics of their own little demon schmucks in the New York Times tomorrow-  aping it out with Mandela.  THAT is what it is all about….their own little egos and a last chance to pose with a REAL living – and still  breathing- human  fossil. That could put them smack in the center of the “Who is who” fraternity.  Think of it….a pic like that could sell for MILLIONS of dollars at Southenby’s a couple of years after the ‘fossil” eventually became a “fossil.”

Visit ANY “Boer” squatter camps, organizations or even TALK to a white Afrikaner while the paparazzi is around- O NO- THAT would be pure stark raving suicide madness in the film and political industry if you REALLY want to whack your ego profile for stardom back home… will be like bonking a demon right in front of the Pearly  Gates-  and still expect a free ticket into heaven. In any case…if you might dare to ask them why they did not visit any Boer cemetery, organization or white squatter camp- they most probably will gawk  at you in absolute awe with a blank expression on their smirks and maybe stutter: “ Who -the -hell -is- the-Boers? ” Never mind the little genocide and small squatter camps.   Some of these mongrels will think you just swear at them and may threat to sue. This is the dubious double faced glory-hunting “celebs” and politicians of your  “new” world which you so much “adore” and voted for…rotten to the core with their lying double standards.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WHITE RACES ACROSS THE GLOBE?  Not even the worst animal species do this to their own kind.

In South-Africa the whites do not ask one another when they are going on “pension” anymore. These days they rather ask one another when they are going to get murdered? It -therefore- is no wonder that Yashua said that 3/4 of the human race will be wiped out in the last days- and trust me- most whites will be amongst those  because of their sick deliberate accomplice in genocides like this…and yet they will howl at the Nazis for their genocide of the Jews- but play possum about the thousands of innocent Boer women and children murdered by the British in concentration camps and now this stark raving mad atrocities by the black communists? One can only wonder why? Very soon- whites in Europe and America will feel the same communist and Muslim wrath hitting them- but then they must not complain when that happens- they simply must remember their own silence when their help was needed.

In September 2012 more important proof was obtained that the ANC-regime is training/recruiting youth militias with the specific purpose of ethnically-cleansing Boer farm-families from their land. The latest proof was found in Trompsburg, Free State, where an ANC-militia calling itself ‘the snakes’ (Izinyoka) systematically carries out the slaughter specifically of Boer farmers. This adds more evidence to analysis by military experts that countrywide atacks against Boers (on farms and in the cities) are carried out with military precision, motivated by hatred of the victims instead of greed, and definitely are centrally-organised with a organisational structure in place. The Fourie couple were ambushed by a large militia-group upon their return from church.
Genocide Watchchairman Prof Gregory Stanton said in a press conference in Pretoria that Boer farmers were nearing an all-out genocide.
Stanton (66) said below: “”In South Africa you have several groups in the category of militia-groups planning to carry out forced displacement of the white population, which (Julius Malema) was calling for openly. Now we have the ANC youth league deputy president who is calling for ‘A War’. This is the kind of talk that is not only pre-genocidal, but also are Crimes Against Humanity. ”
“If you refer to everyone in a class as a ‘settler’ as ANC-documents indicate … it’s dehumanisation, which leads into genocide:
Stanton sharply criticised the ANC-leadership for encouraging hatred against the Boers: noting: “If you refer to everyone in a class as a ‘settler’ as is done in ANC-documents – you say ‘this person does not belong here. It’s the same thing the Germans did to the Jews. That kind of dehumanisation leads to the spiral into genocide,”he said… (below)

Between May 1 2012 to Sept 30 2012, when the site was launched – it has logged 385 violent incidents of a racial nature. A total 292 were attacks on whites, of whom 99% were Boers – including 82 incidents of ‘dehumanisation’: i.e. hatespeech, mutilation/torture and humilation which indicated that the attackers harboured extreme hatred towards their unknown victims. There also were 93 incidents of ‘xenophobia’ including the hacking to death of Chinese shopkeeper Long Liang Chen 31, his young wife and baby girl in their shop in Warden, Free State on Sept 16 2012.…ports/view/336links to militia groups being trained in SA:

South Africa, BLOODY South Africa!

“Shoot them, they are cowards! They rape! Shoot them, they are dogs! Shoot, shoot, shoot the Boer!” …JACOB ZUMA

South Africa is at war! …and the world doesn’t want to know about it. In fact, there are still people LIVING in this Country that simply don’t want to know about it!

Crime is completely out of control and strikes by Mineworkers and the Transport industry is crippling our economy. Violence has become part of our lives! Farms, Power plants, cars, trucks, tires, homes, businesses and entire squatter camps have gone up in flames.

Pretty postcards depicting Table Mountain and Game Reserves no longer represent South Africa! In the shade of that very mountain lie Kayelitsha and Gugulethu and the Cape Flats, where not even the South African Defense Force is able to stop the bloodbath where innocent children get caught in the crossfire between gangs. As for the Game Reserves, well, there the Rhino pay for the complete and utter lawlessness that has gripped our beautiful country.

Miners go on strike and kill 11 people in a mad murdering spree, hacking people to death with machetes and burning them alive!  When the police end up shooting 34 of these strikers in self-defense the incident gets major international attention and suddenly the police are at fault!

…and somewhere, in the shadow of these events, White South Africans are burying their dead everyday. No one seems to notice or care… Those that can afford it, hide away behind 6-foot walls topped with electric fencing! We have alarms, burglar bars, armed response units, security guards, panic buttons and sirens; pepper spray, stun guns and the lucky ones have firearms! …and still we bury our dead, not because they were sick, but because they were MURDERED!

People are being brutally attacked, tortured, hacked, knifed, beaten, tied up and raped! Some survive the attacks but die a different kind of death… one that slowly kills the soul and murders the spirit. They loose their jobs, their pride, their belongings and some their will to live.

There are less than 4,5 million White People left in South Africa. The ones that can afford it, leave but not everybody can and some of us choose to stay simply because we cannot imagine leaving the country we love so much! More than 600 000 of our people are living in Squatter Camps! Perhaps we are hoping for a miracle… We sure are praying for one!

The year started of with our President singing, “Shoot the Boer, kill the Farmer!” …and “Bring me my machine gun!”

Ayasab’ amagwala (the cowards are scared)
dubula dubula (shoot shoot)
awe mama ndiyekele (mother leave me be)
awe mama iyeah (oh mother)
awe mama ndiyekele (mother leave me be)
awe mama iyo (oh mother)

aw dubul’ibhunu (shoot the Boer)
Ayasab’ amagwala (the cowards are scared)
dubula dubula (shoot shoot )

awe mama ndiyekele (mother leave me be)
awe mama iyo (oh mother)
awe mama ndiyekele (mother leave me be)
awe mama iyo (oh mother)

Ziyarapa lezinja (these dogs are raping)
dubula dubula (shoot shoot)
ay iyeah
dubula dubula (shoot shoot)
Ziyarapa lezinja (these dogs are raping)
dubula dubula (shoot shoot)
ay iiiyo
dubula dubula (shoot shoot)

Ayasab’ amagwala (the cowards are scared)
Dubula dubula (shoot shoot)
Ay iyeah
Dubula dubula (shoot shoot)
Ayasab’ amagwala (the cowards are scared)
Dubula dubula (shoot shoot)
Ay iyeah

Our esteemed ministers respond to this mess by saying things like: “If they don’t like it, they can leave”! …or “Crime? What crime?”

…and still we bury our dead! EVERYDAY!

Here is an account of the last 5 months. YOU decide whether this ANC Government is in control or not!

Whilst writing this article, a 20-year-old girl was robbed and gang raped in Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng, by 3 black attackers!  …and, on the Smallholding, previously owned by the parents of well known actress Charlize Theron, an elderly White male was tortured and murdered by a gang of Black attackers. He was beaten, burnt with a clothes iron, his Achilles tendons severed and finally shot!

This is what we are faced with everyday! Please note that not all attacks are reported on by the media. I will, for the purpose of reference, stick to only those that were… All of these incidents were Black on White attacks! If you are aware of any other attacks during this period, please add the detail and links to newspaper articles as comments.

If you want to monitor the situation on a daily basis, and find detail of verified murders and attacks, not reported on by the media, you can log on to:

…or follow:

5 Months of hell!

*1 May: Bloemfontein – Free State: Businessman, Gerhard Fourie, died after being in a coma since a vicious attack in April.

*2 May: Bloemfontein – Free State: Johan Meyer, 56, miraculously survives frenzied machete attack by large black male gang.

*2 May: Centurion – Gauteng: Wouter de Bruyn (46) was shot dead in his driveway, in front of his wife, during an attempted highjacking.

*2 May: Bothaville – Free State: 96 Year old farmer, Frikkie Rautenbach, was held up in an attempted robbery after his security guards were beaten with a hammer.

*3 May: Heilbron – Free State: Mr. C. Oosthuizen (69) and his wife, Meisie (68), were attacked and tortured in their home with screwdrivers and knives, for 2 hours. They survived but were severely injured.

*8 May: Witbank – Mpumalanga: Well known farmer, Louis Steyn (74) was attacked at his home. He was stabbed several times, but survived. He is in intensive care.

*8 May: Alberton – Gauteng: Former East Rand top cop David Kruger was shot dead outside his home.

*10 May: Heilbron – Free State: 67-year-old Mrs Susan Van Biljon was attacked by a black male gang which kicked in her door; tied her up, beat her up and threatened to pour boiling water over her. She survived.

*11 May: Pietermaritzburg – Natal: Firefighter, Ronald Drake, 69, was stabbed to death on his smallholding. Knifeman Bheki Ngcobo pleaded guilty.

*14 May: Zeerust – North West: Charlotte Strumpher survived an attack on her farm after being severely beaten, kicked and strangled.

*15 May: Malvern – Gauteng: Theresina (Tess) Broskie, 92, was found murdered and raped at her home. Police were shocked at the brutality.–92-

*17 May: Randfontein – Gauteng:  Two small children, aged 5 and 3, watched in horror as their mom, Vanessa Stafleu, was brutally murdered by black thugs on their South Africa farm.

*20 May: Welkom – Free State: Magistrate Maryna Ruthenberg: shot & injured in Welkom home: fights back like a lioness. She became so angry when she was attacked by two armed black males inside her Welkom home that she stormed them, shouting; “Remember this face, I will get you.”

*22 May: Bloemfontein – Free State: Frans Day, a mechanic, murdered in his house in Navalsig, Bloemfontein by a machete-wielding black gang. His wife and daughters who were forced into a cupboard could hear him being murdered. This was the 7th family that was attacked in this manner in Bloemfontein.

*22 May: Delmas – Mpumalanga: Wiaan Botes, a 5-month old baby and his elderly day-care mother brutally murdered in Delmas.

*23 May: Wakkerstroom – Mpumalanga: A farmer was assaulted, held hostage and photographed next to the corpse of a woman people were trying to bury on his farm without his permission. Hendrik Davel, 34, owner of the farm Sterkfontein, near Wakkerstroom, was attacked on Wednesday when he approached the group to inquire about the funeral.

*25 May: Brandfort – Free State: Annetjie Madden (62), was stabbed to death in her dairy shop. Police are seeking 2 Black male attackers.

*26 May: Muldersdrift – Gauteng: Elderly Muldersdrift couple shot in bed: The husband was shot dead. His wife was also shot and taken to hospital.

*29 May: Mooinooi – North West: Neels van der Westhuizen (54) is in serious condition after he was shot twice, execution style by armed black male gunmen. His wife, Amanda-Louise (50), was injured but survived the attack.

*29 May: Middelburg – Mpumalanga: A 33 year old mother, Inga Nortje, was abducted and stabbed to death after being forced to draw money at 3 different ATMs.

*30 May: Heilbron – Free State: In the 5th Farm Attack in this area, all hell broke loose when attackers started shooting at farmer, Johan van der Merwe (67), inside his farmhouse.

*31 May: Middelburg – Mpumalanga: Julie Cruse (72) was tortured with boiling water and a hot clothes iron and finally strangled to death with a scarf.

*31 May: Potchefstroom – North West: 88-year-old me. Petie Bouwer died after being brutally attacked in her home on the farm.

*1 June: Boksburg – Gauteng: Johan Henning was found at the gates of the Glynwood Hospital with his throat slit.

*4 June: Centurion – Gauteng: Arina Muller (29) was shot to death in front of her parents on their small holding in Mnandi, South of Centurion. Nothing was stolen.

*5 June: Lyttleton – Gauteng: A Police officer, Bruwer Smith, was shot dead in front of his ten year old son, while they were out riding mountain bikes.

*5 June: Macassar – Natal: A 58-YEAR-OLD woman was brutally attacked on the N2 opposite Macassar on Tuesday 5 June after her car hit a huge rock in the middle of the road, forcing her to pull over.

*8 June: Lightenburg – North West: A 57-year-old farmer was robbed of an undisclosed amount of money at his farm. He was pepper sprayed and held up with guns.

*8 June: Bloemfontein – Free State: Stuard (55) and Petro (53) McGregor were ambushed and attacked by 3 armed black men in their driveway. Stuard was stabbed and Petro was kicked. She will most likely lose sight in her right eye.

*9 June: Ugie – Eastern Cape: Helena Gouws (62), the wife of a well-known School Pricipal was murdered during an attack in their home. They were both assaulted with knives. Christof Gouws survived the attack.

*10 June: Cape Town: Western Cape: 16-year-old Afrikaans girl, kidnapped by Nigerian and forced into sexual slavery.

*10 June: Johannesburg – Gauteng: The manager of the Spar in Jukskeipark was shot dead during an armed robbery.

*11 June: Cape Town – Western Cape: June Nefdt (73) was found murdered in her home. Her gardener murdered her.

*11 June: Ladysmith – Natal: Elderly couple, Willie Boshoff (79) and Sina Boshoff (76), were tortured, beaten and threatened for hours in their farmhouse. They both survived and were taken to hospital.

*13 June: Soutpan – Free State: Leonard Haasbroek (58) survives shooting on his farm. He was shot twice by his gardener.

*17 June: Port Elizabeth – Eastern Cape: David Laine, 64, was found dead on his living room floor by his brother. Robbers, who fled with only his cell phone, had stabbed him in the neck with a screwdriver.

*20 June: Cullinan – Gauteng: Farmer, Piet Badenhorst (69), is in a critical condition after an attack on him and his wife, Francis, by 3 armed black men.

*20 June: Baltimore – Limpopo: Elderly farmer, Johan van Rensburg (77) was attacked and murdered on his farm. His wife, Gloudien (64) was severely injured and later died in hospital. They were asleep in their bed when attacked.

*21 June: Port Elizabeth: Eastern Cape: Thomas de Kock, 89, dies two weeks after release from hospital after brutal attack. He was found in his home, semi- conscious in a pool of blood.

*23 June: Kuruman – Northern Cape: Elderly farmer, Joseph van Heerden, is in critical condition in hospital after he was brutally assaulted on farm by 4 unknown black men.

*25 June: Parys – Free State: Frank King, 36, owner of the Spark-Air, was seriously injured during a hijacking. He was hospitalized for numerous bone fractures he’d sustained when the black male suspect who stole it ran him over with his own vehicle.

*26 June: Koppies – Free State: 83-year-old Tobie Loubser survives 5 hours of torture during a robbery. He was shocked with electric cables and beaten with an iron bar.

*28 June: Sandton – Gauteng: Zina Rotherham, wife of well-known radio DJ, was shot through her car window while leaving the Gautrain Station.

*2 July: Johannesburg – Gauteng: Twelve-member black male gang terrorize white-run commercial food-supply outlets Johannesburg South with heavy-caliber assault weapons: Attack bakery owner Sean Tuna in shoot-out and killed Spar supermarket manager few days earlier.

*4 July: Kuruman – Northern Cape: Businessman, At Fraser (56), was shot to death in his home. His wife, Ina, was wounded in the shoulder.

*5 July: Burgersfort – Limpopo: 22-year-old man shot and his 21-year-old girlfriend raped during an attack at a home.

*6 July: Wakkerstroom – Mpumalanga: 80-year-old flower-grower, Brenda Carter, is paralyzed after a brutal attack. A passerby discovered her in the trunk of her car 3 days after the attack.

*10 July – Cape Town – Western Cape: Gavin Maritz (57) was found stabbed to death in his Sister’s home.

*10 July: Northdene – Gauteng: Barrage smallholders survive armed attack. They were held at gunpoint and robbed of cash, jewelry and clothes.

*12 July: Johannesburg – Gauteng: 75-year-old Woman, tied up, assaulted and robbed in her home.

13 July: Ladismith – Western Cape: Woman (46) raped and her husband attacked on their Karoo-farm.

*14 July: Reitz – Free State: Wessel Lourens (72), repeatedly stabbed on his farm in Reitz. One black male attacker shot dead.

*15 July: Pretoria – Gauteng: Missing Andre Kruger, 42, found murdered with knife wounds in veldt near Black Township, Mamelodi, Pretoria.

*16 July: Bronkhorstspruit – Gauteng: Hibbe van der Veen, 64, was asleep in his bed when a massive tree-trunk came flying through his window and armed gunmen followed shortly thereafter – shooting him in the stomach.

*16 July: Pretoria – Gauteng: “I will fkng kill you you white bitch!” …a black attacker said  to Mrs Zia Erasmus (70), when he attacked her and her 81-year-old husband while watering their garden.

*18 July: Edenvale – Gauteng: A 73-year-old woman is beaten to death in her home, while her domestic worker and gardener are left unharmed.

*18 July: Roodepoort – Gauteng: An armed black robber sucks wedding ring from Mrs Belinda Swart’s finger while she is tied up and held at gunpoint in her Little Falls home.’s-finger

*19 July: Pretoria – Gauteng: Piet Von Bekkum, off-duty police officer was shot dead at the Wonderpark shopping centre in Acacia by armed black males who had just robbed NWJ Jewelers.

*19 July: Kroonstad – Free State: Former magistrate Jolene Tredoux, 46, tortured for hours by armed black male attackers.

*20 July: Carletonville – Gauteng: Mr Johannes Oosthuizen, (88), was tortured and then bludgeoned to death at his Carletonville home on July 20 2012 in broad daylight. Nothing was stolen from his home.

*22 July: Colenso – Natal: An elderly couple, Noel and Yvonne Robson, who dedicated their lives to looking after orphaned black children, were beaten to near death for ‘pocket money’.

*23 July: Germiston – Gauteng: 71-year-old Woman was found bludgeoned to death in her home by 4 black intruders.

*24 July: Bloemfontein – Free State: Yvonne Rossouw, 62 brutally assaulted in her home. By 3 armed black men. She was admitted to hospital and survived the attack.

*25 July: Walkerville – Gauteng: The entire Viana-family was massacred on their smallholding. 12-Year-old Amano was tortured and drowned in boiling water. His mother Geraldine (43) was gang raped and killed and his father, Tony (53) was shot.

*26 July: Pretoria – Gauteng: Louisa Putter (58) was attacked while hanging her washing. She was beaten unconscious, hung up on a clothesline, her face slashed with a razor.

*27 July: Witbank – Mpumalanga: Elmarie Faber, 54, survives a farm attack. Police confirm seeking for two young black men armed with pistols, dressed in guard-uniforms.

*28 July: Witbank – Mpumalanga: 73-year-old white woman, raped and tortured for 5 hours.

*1 August: Bloemfontein – Free State: Afrikaner toolmaker Johannes Ludewikus Wiesner, 45, was found bludgeoned to death with a hammer in his apartment.

*4 August: Scottburgh – Natal: Afrikaner cherry-farmer Kempen Higgo (80) of Clocolan dies after being attacked and hit over the head with a brick at Durban fish ‘n chip shop.

*5 August: Odendaalsrus – Free State: Annette Knoetze, 64, was stabbed in the chest and her wrists slashed. Her husband said it looked like she had tried to fight back and reach the panic button. Her husband found her body.

*7 August: Smithfield – Free State: Farmer Johan Neethling, 56, was stabbed numerous times by four black men who were driving on a dirt road on his farm. The four men jumped out when they saw the farmer and knifed him.

*12 August: Jansenville – Eastern Cape: Elderly farmer Owen Charles, 70, was hacked to death and his wife critically injured in an attack by five black men, all armed with machetes.

*13 August: Ladybrand – Free State: Allen Rodgers (61) was airlifted to a Bloemfontein hospital after being brutally attacked with a machete on his farm.

*13 August: Hartbeesfontein – North West: Ronél van Eyk, 46, was shot three times, and one of the bullets hit her in the face, after dropping her son at school. She died at the entrance to her farm.

*14 August: Pietermaritzburg – Natal:  Matthew Neethling 38, was found dead in a pool of blood on his bed. He was beaten to death.

*14 August: Joubertina – Eastern Cape: Jan Olivier, 75, attacked by black males with knobkieries who broke into his homestead Joubertina East Cape. (search Jan Olivier)

*20 August: Kirkwood – Eastern Cape: 71-year-old John Radford has been murdered while collecting plants in the Aqua Park-bushes on the outskirts of the town.

*20 August: Bedfordview – Gauteng: A woman in her seventies was assaulted and bound wile being robbed in her home. She managed to escape.

*21 August: Kemptonpark – Gauteng: A retired Afrikaner magistrate, guest house owner Leon Sim 71 and his wife Marie 69 were stabbed to death in Kempton Park.

*27 August: Clocolan – Free State: Isabel Hugo (67), a farmer’s wife from Clocolan, was hit by a stone thrown at her by farm invaders. She is in a coma and has had a part of her brain removed by surgery. She is not likely to recover.

*1 September: Cape Town – Western Province: Olwyn Cowly (21) was shot and his body dumped in the veldt after meeting potential buyers for a vehicle he advertised on Gumtree.

*4 September: Brits – North West: Mauritz Oberholzer, 66, attacked and murdered at his agricultural smallholding near Zoutpansdrift, Brits, by four black male attackers, was bludgeoned to death with a spade while fighting fiercely to protect his wife.

*5 September: Muldersdrift – Gauteng: 13-year-old Alyssa Botha was shot dead in front of her sister and father on returning home from school. Her 17-year-old sister was shot in her legs and her father, Anton is still in hospital, recovering from surgery after he was shot in the stomach.

*5 September: Hartbeeshoek – North West: Well known farmer, Bereford Jobling (56) was brutally murdered while watching TV. His body was dumped off a bridge into a rivulet.  He was bludgeoned to death with an iron pipe. The attackers fled with his vehicle.

*6 September: Sandton – Gauteng: Elderly Sandton couple Bets and Gawie Greeff, 79, found suffocated to death.

*6 September: Ermelo – Mpumalanga: A day after het 41st Birthday, music teacher, Annemarie Birk, was found raped and murdered in her home just after 8am. Her throat was slit.

*6 September: Alberton – Gauteng: Natasha Cossadianos was brutally attacked by a Mozambican co-worker. She was stabbed 7 times and hit with a fire extinguisher.

*7 September: Kleinmond – Western Cape: Christa Ross (59), was found brutally murdered in her guesthouse. She was found in her bathtub where she was tortured with boiling water.

*9 September: Port Elizabeth – Eastern Cape: 44 Year old Shaun Mould was shot dead in his home during an armed robbery. His nephew discovered him in a pool of blood.

*9 September: Trompsburg – Free State: Elderly couple was brutally murdered on their farm after returning from church. Johan and Cecile Fourie (72) were shot after being brutally attacked with an axe. They were slaughtered like animals.

*10 September: Bellville – Western Cape: Civil-engineering student Adriaan Smit 23, fights for his life with three knifemen while changing a tire N1.

*12 September: Wartberg – Natal: A farmer Rudolph Meyer (53) is in a critical condition after being attacked by a gang of six on his farm.–six-arrested

*13 September: Kempton Park – Gauteng: A mother of two survived a brutal attack after she was hacked with a machete outside her West Street office.

*13 September: Venterstad – Free State: 91 Year old farmer, Badie Badenhorst survives a vicious attack on his farm. His was beaten with a wrought iron garden chair. The attacker fled the scene when he tried to shoot Badenhorst and the gun malfunctioned. The attacker later shot himself.

*14 September: Muldersdrift – Gauteng: 50 year old Andre Jordaan was shot during an armed robbery at his home. He later died of his injuries.

*15 September: Westonaria – Gauteng: 6 Attackers Brutally raped and assaulted a 92 year old lady and bludgeoned her 56 year old daughter to death.

*15 September: Mosselbay – Eastern Cape: A 65-year-old woman was found murdered on her farm in Great Brak, near Mossel Bay. Police found the body of Ria Mills on Saturday night while responding to a call from friends she was supposed to meet for dinner.

*16 September: Pietermaritzburg – Natal: Susan le Roux (65), was found murdered at her home in Scotsville. She was tortured and her body was burnt.[_id]=87874

*18 September: Middelburg – Mpumalanga: Jan du Toit (65) is brutally murdered during an armed robbery at his home. His wife, Marietjie, survived the attack but was severely injured.

*19 September: Nelspruit – Mpumalanga: Well known playwright, Chris Barnard (73), and husband of actress Katinka Heyns, was attacked on his farm. He spent 12 hours, tied to a chair after being tortured and robbed, before being rescued.

*21 September: Brits – North West: Corrie Sanders, former World Champion Boxer, was murdered during a robbery at a restaurant while celebrating his nephew’s 21st Birthday. He was shot in the stomach while trying to protect his daughter.

*23 September: Dewetsdorp – Free State: An elderly couple, Lue (69) and Kosie (71) Kruger, were attacked in their home on their farm. They were severely assaulted, robbed and tied with dog chains.

*23 September: Rustenburg – North West: Former South African Champion Hurdles athlete, Karen Wilkenson, was shot in her shoulder during an attack on their farm. Their dogs were poisoned and 1 of the dogs was also shot.

*24 September: De Deur – Gauteng: A family of 4 were attacked at their home while watching TV. The father was shot dead and the son survived an attack with a machete.

*25 September: Bloemfontein – Free State: Willie Booysen (60) was seriously injured in an attempted murder as his place of business. He was stabbed with a knife several times.

*25 September: Middelburg – Mpumalanga: A 52 year old man was assaulted by a group of 8 Traffic Cops when trying to enter his property. He asked them to move the vehicle that was blocking access to his home when they started to assault him.


SA cops join gangsters, hire out their guns, participate in armed house-robberies:
Cape Town. Some Western Cape police officers have sided with gangsters and other criminals, provincial police commissioner Arno Lamoer said Oct 3 2012 at the Cape Town Press Club.He noted that in the WC, 87 officers were arrested in the last financial year alone for corrupt activities such as selling drugs to gangsters and participating in armed robberies.Of these, 20 had been dismissed. The rest were still involved in criminal procedures. “We also know that some of our police officers hire their guns out to people to commit crimes,” Lamoer said. The department had registered all service firearms on a database to combat this trend. Lamoer told reporters the province was afflicted by gang-related violence, substance abuse and illegal firearms.…p-cop-20121003
Below: Youth militia wages reign of terror in Free State agricultural town:
Black Trompsburg residents, headed by the chairman of the township Madikgetla, Mr Bukelwa Mnweba, came forward with the information that Boers were being targetted specifically by an ANC youth-militia – in an interview published on Friday 14 Sept 2012. The members of Izinyoka wage a reign of political terror in the black township too and act as if they are elected leaders – and some of the Izinyoka members even showed up at the Trompsburg magistrate’s court to support their three comrades Moeketsi Hlassa (27), Mvu*mvu Nkululeko (26) and Phinias Mothibi (28) who were arrested for the double-murder of Boer farm-couple Johan Fourie, 71 and wife Cecilia, 72 (left). The farming couple had been hacked to death with hatchets. Mnweba also was quoted by Beeld as saying that it was strongly suspected by township residents that the Inzinyoka militia also murdered farming-coouple Jan and Johanna Greyling in 2006 and attacked farmer Phillip Henning in 2007. Other Black residents in Madikgetla township also confirmed that the militia ‘targetted white farm-owners for attacks’. One of the accused men, Phinias Mothibi was a farm-worker at the Fourie farm. He had shown up the Monday after the murders and before his arrest to ask for a half-bag of maize-meal and ‘offered his help to the family, ‘ according to the Fourie couple’s son Nico Kruger.

Sept 18 to Sept 26 2012: Two Boer dads were murdered in cold blood while trying to protect their families; an Boer homeowner was brutally beaten up by a gaggle of traffic cops; also: the unveiling of a Mandela statue in The Hague was disturbed by protestors against farm-murders; a new hatespeech chant ‘Not Yet Uhuru’ (Not Yet Freedom) terrifies white South Africans but especially the Boers; and the ANC-regime’s ethnic-cleansing campaign against the Boer poor from their traditional neighbourhoods and towns is gaining momentum — with several dozen new squatter camps for Boers mushrooming around greater Pretoria. – details, pictures and links on:


Industrial sabotage against transportation- and power-generation industries:TRUCKERS STRIKE FUEL TANK BURNING OUTSIDE AFROX EPPING JHB  The 33 recorded incidents of industrial sabotage are worrying: targetting as they did the economic strength of South Africa to undermine the increasingly shaky ruling Triad of the ANC/SACP/Cosatu movements, which are waging internal warfare over leadership-positions and financial advantage. in The industrial-sabotage incidents included the wholesale theft of gold and platinum by organised miner-piracy gangs; scores of large transport-trucks torched in a country-wide rampage by striking truck-drivers, and four sabotage attacks by armed groups of black ‘demonstrators’ against two coal-fired power stations in which multi-miltion Rand damage was inflicted on expensive, imported infrastructure sites. Two incidents of ‘strongly suspected’ incidents of sabotage against two other power stations were also recorded which were never investigated by officials as suspected sabotage, but considered ‘due to incompetent personnel’.

Foreign companies help in genocide of Boers: Skilled Boer artisans are fired & immediately impoverished; replaced with unskilled ANC-card-carrying members:

In this regard, it is also worrying that BoersPoorWhitesPretoriaNorththe number of squatter-camps for fired Boer artisans and other ‘white’ workers has mushroomed (another 19 new camps were identified in this time-period). These skilled artisans are being fired under the ANC’s striving for 100% black-African job-occupation under its racist black-economic-empowerment laws. The ANC-regime denies that they are deliberately firing ‘white’ workers and replacing them only with lesser-skilled ‘black African’ workers – however Solidarity trade union has recorded a growing number of their members being fired from government- and private economic enterprises in 2012 only because of their skin-colour, and private & state-run enterprises such as Eskom, the SA Police Service and the Public Health Service all are firing ‘white’ workers and/or refusing to advance them inside the organisations to higher-level positions: which are kept for black-African job seekers only. Similar incidents were also recorded at for instance the Woolworths company, resulting in a boycot and legal protests against the company’s anti-white hiring policies by its primarily ‘white’ customers. Thus foreign-owned companies also are helping in the genocide-campaign against Boers in South Africa.

Boer Johan Coetzee survives beating by 3 black males Potgietersrus: no motive
Oct 1, 2012 A Potgietersrus, Limpopo, Boer resident Johan Coetzee was attacked the previous night after he walked home from watching rugby with some friends.
He was beaten up by 3 unknown black males and brutally assaulted. It’s not reported whether anything was stolen. He is recovering in the medi-clinic in Potgietersrus.

Mrs Surina Kruger, 62, murdered in Elsburg, Johannesburg home: all her valuables left alone 2012-10-04 Beeld journalist Wolfram Zwecker reports that only her cellphone is missing

Kruger SURINA murdered Smit Street Elsburg Johannesburg East Rand Oct32012 2am…ports/view/391

Boer farmer Johan Greyling 79 repeatedly knifed by ambushers at homestead March 3 7am Oct 03, 2012 Boer farmer Johan Greyling 79 repeatedly slashed with knife by ambushers at #Marquard farm today: in Bethlehem hospital 2012-10-03 Marquard..

Greyling Johan Farmer MARQUARD numerous stab wounds attackers Oct32012 7am OFM radio confirms…ports/view/386

Boer farmer HK Grobler 79 beaten up by 4 black males, Lichtenburg farm attack

Oct 01, 2012 Disabled Boer farmer HK Grobler 79 injured in armed attack by 4 black males Lichtenburg: no arrests: Mondaymorning 1-2am attack

Grobler HK 79 farmer assaulted monday early1am Lichtenburg farm Doringbult four black male suspects survived…ports/view/385

Irish-born Mrs Dorothy Carlyle 59 kidnapped, beaten, stabbed, dumped in carboot for 10 hrs while drunken kidnappers partied and fired shots
Oct 02, 2012– Rescued from partying kidnappers at KwaMashu, KZN: Irish-born Mrs Dorothy Carlyle 59 hijacked, beaten, stabbed, in her carboot for 10 hours.

Carlyle Dorothy hijacked dumped in car booot Oct22012 DURBAN KZN EBLCKWATCHRESCUE…ports/view/382

Boer farm worker Gidius Gertenbach 39 missing since Dec 22 2011 near Nelspruit
Farmworker Gidius Gertenbach (39) missing since Dec 22 2011 enroute to job Nelspruit – Witrivier He spoke to his mother on 22 December 2011 and told her he had gotten a job on a farm between Nelspruit and Witrivier. He was waiting for his employers to pick him up for work at the time of his call. He has not been heard from since. Please distribute the flyer! If you are in the area mentioned and are willing and able, please print the flyer and put it up in any public place where people can see it.

Gertenbach Gidius 39 farm worker Boer missing since 22 Dec 2011 enroute to Nelspruit Witrivier job…ports/view/392

White English/Afrikaans-speaking SA man Richard Dovey 37 survives attempted murder by 7 black men who threatened to kill him

DOVEY RICHARD beaten 7 bl males who said they would kill him Sept 30 2012 FARM HARRISMITH

Sep 30, 2012 White man Richard Dovey 37 survives beating by 7 black man at rented farm house: “We are going to kill you’, they shouted. Left him completely naked.…ports/view/380

White English-speaking SA car-dealer Barry Newland, 56 murdered, Cloverdene smallholdings: no motive:
Friday, Sept 28 Mr Newland was tortured with lit cigarettes, ahot iron, “veins in his eyes had burst’ at his homestead, 56 Seven Road, Cloverdene, Benoni –
(We have report that his achilles-tendons also were cut through). Friday September 28. The only thing missing: a cellphone. The great many other valuables in his home were left untouched.

Newland Barry tortured to death Cloverdene Benoni AH CharlizeTheronExHomeSept292012…ports/view/372

White English-speaking SA family Ellington family traumatised, survives armed attack by black-male gang gang in ‘notorious silver Toyota Corolla’
25 Sep 2012 LaLucia Durban: The SAPS confirmed that they are looking for “three, possibly more, three black males driving what is being described as a ‘notorious silver Toyota Corolla’– who broke into the home of the English-speaking Ellington family, leaving them distraught but otherwise unharmed. The family was robbed after three armed intruders broke into their La Lucia home and robbed them of the family Mercedes and Alfa Romeo motor-cars. The Alfa was unmanageable to the male who tried to drive it away: Police said he crashed it into a bush on Kentucky Drive, witnessed by a Durban North Resident. (as reported by Lauren Anthony: “Spokesman for Marshall Security, Tyron Powell, said three suspects arrived at the Ellingham Drive home in the notorious silver Toyota Corolla (similar in shape to the Run X) at 8.40am. “One man wore a balaclava and had a gun, the other two had knives and they all wore gloves,” said Powell. “They held up the gardener, then went inside. They found the resident inside and locked her and the gardener in the bathroom.” Powell said they took items from inside the house as well as two cars, a mercedes and Alfa Romeo.He said the same Toyota Corolla car was also believed to be linked to several other cases in the area, including a house robbery in La Lucia on 13 September.…-La-Lucia-home

Peter Kohler-Barnard, son of DA opposition party spokeswoman on policing, car hijacked in Morningside KZN
Posted: 02 Oct 2012 Democratic-Alliance party’s spokeswoman on policing Mrs Diane Kohler Barnard’s son Peter hijacked October 3 2012- Morningside, Durban – By Shaun Smillie and Benita Enoch DA police spokeswoman Dianne Kohler Barnard’s son was hijacked on Tuesday evening as he waited outside his mother’s Morningside house. Three armed men put a gun to Peter Barnard’s head and pulled him out of his car while his mother had gone into her home to lock up. Kohler Barnard said a red BMW had pulled up behind her son’s silver Audi A5 and three armed men got out. “Thank God he wasn’t shot. They pulled him out of the car, then pushed him into the property, locking the gate.” Peter told his mother that when he saw the firearm, he co-operated. He was unhurt. The two cars sped off immediately afterwards. Shortly thereafter, Kohler Barnard tweeted: “My son just hijacked outside my house… silver Audi A5-4 armed men. Tracker on it Morningside, Durban with red BMW contact me -now.” Kohler Barnard said a car-tracking company found the car about 8km away in a cul de sac. She said she believed the hijackers had left the car there to see if it had a tracking device. – The Star, IOL…6#.UGw23q4prNM

Mysterious murder-squads target ANC and ANC youth league leaders in KwaZulu Natal and LImpopo -

1. Shooting at home of Limpopo ANCYL chair Aluruli Nelwamondo Thohoyandou 27-sep-2012 sapa – police confirmed that they were investigating an attempted murder case following a shooting at the house of the Vhembe Regional ANC Youth League chairman in
Limpopo. Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi said the shooting took place at Aluruli Nelwmondo’s home in the Makwarela township, near Thoyandou, on Saturday.”According to statements, four armed men allegedly scaled the security wall of the house and forced opened the door,” said Mulaudzi.The men demanded to see Nelwamondo, but his two brothers told them he was not home.”Having learnt that Nelwamondo was not vailable, one suspect fired three shots at the brothers, but missed, before they fled.”…o-ancyl-chairs

2. . ANC members critically shot in random strafing by gunmen Welbedacht, Chatsworth Durban…c-members-shot 27-sep-2012 | Sapa Three ANC members were wounded when gunmen opened fire at random during a branch executive committee meeting in Welbedacht, near Chatsworth, in Durban, the party’s KwaZulu-Natal branch said. Provincial ANC spokesman Senzo Mkhize said branch chairman Mbuzeni Ximba, deputy branch chairman Sbu Mpanza and ward committee member Bulelani Njoli were shot on Wednesday night. Colonel Vincent Mdunge confirmed the shooting, at Imbaliyethu High School, and said the motive was not known at this stage.The men were in critical, but stable conditions in hospital. One of them was shot in the leg. It was not clear where the other two were wounded.…c-members-shot

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